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On Going Projects

Atmanirbhar Bharat Centre Design (ABCD)

Founders / Partners SBl-NCF-IGNCA
Project Name Atmanirbhar Bharat Centre Design (ABCD)
MOU Signed on 28-01-2022
Project Description

The overall vision for the project is for the GI showcase at the ABCD Center to serve as a platform for creative collaborations in the following ways –

• To showcase the most unique GI crafts of India and also potential GI that deserve a platform exemplary of Atmanirbhar Bharat.
• To represent rare and dying crafts from all parts of India for their traditional skills and practices.
• To provide the craft economy and related communities a boost through profitable collaborations.
• To facilitate innovative and resourceful collaborations between master artisans, designers, producers, and buyers.
• To establish a network of creative individuals and communities to empower the creative economy of India.
• To create a retail brand known for its exclusivity both nationally and internationally.
• To innovate and co-create a product, publication, exhibition, performance, or experience for the Indian and international markets.
• To introduce cost-effective and sustainable technologies for the exploitation of market niches offering distinctly higher value realization.
• To create an ecosystem that puts the artists, craftsmen, and producers of GI products at the center of a vibrant, interactive, experiential, and creative component.
• To bring together different stakeholders to collaborate and build solutions to pressing social or business challenges.
• To facilitate a multidisciplinary approach celebrating indigenous cuisine, music, and dance traditions.
• To research and document to ensure accurate archiving of the GI stories.
• To disseminate the value of these exhibits through public outreach strategies.